We’ve talked a lot about the value of goals, both in terms of setting them and then putting in place practical strategies for measuring progress.  But what happens when you’re not sure what goal you should be working towards?  It would certainly be a waste of time and effort to set a goal and push to achieve it if it’s not in some way relevant to your success.  And in terms of workplace goals, that usually means the goal also needs to be aligned with the success of the organization.

In an earlier article we talked about the idea of relevance as being a core component of a well-constructed goal. But relevance is (no pun intended) all relative. If you are setting personal goals, a relevant goal might be tied to your long term financial strategy (getting out of debt, for example) or to your personal fitness goals (weight loss or exercise). But at work when we talk about relevance, we are usually referring to goals that tie into the larger goals of the company itself.


81% of executives think goals should be aligned with business results, but 70% of employees say their managers don’t set clear goals. This stat shows how important executives feel that aligned goals are in the workplace.  But unfortunately that message doesn’t always trickle down to all levels of the organization. One of the reasons this is true is that some companies do a poor job of communicating their organizational goals. Another reason is that individuals may not know how they directly contribute to the larger goal.

Let’s take an example – imagine for a minute a Fortune500 organization that sets a goal of increasing sales by 20% over the next four quarters.  If you work in sales or marketing, it might be easy for you to see how your work directly ties to that target.  But what about someone who works in customer service or IT?  This is where a great manager can step in and create engagement.  If the customer service team thinks about how this increase in sales is going to impact the number of service calls they are going to receive, they might think up new ways to be more efficient.  The IT team might realize that this impacts when they were planning to upgrade their infrastructure.

Setting aligned goals is the key to driving success in your organization. Learn more in our Goal Setting Course, or contact us today for a customized solution!