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Back to School is Performance Management and Productivity Time

Leaves are turning, school busses are appearing in the morning, and kids are making their way back into the classroom as another summer winds down. We might think that back to school is mostly about the kids, but this time of year has a big impact in the office as well. After a long summer of varied schedules, vacation time, and a generally slower pace of life, fall brings a level of focus and a sense of urgency back to many organizations.

So as the kids go back to school, what should HR professionals be thinking about to […]

Global Human Capital Trends

Earlier this year, Deloitte released a report looking at HR trends across a variety of employment sectors, Global Human Capital Trends. This report contains a variety of interesting data points around engagement in the modern workplace, and covers industry trends in three primary areas:

• Lead and develop: The need to broaden, deepen, and accelerate leadership development at all levels; build global workforce capabilities; re-energize corporate learning by putting employees in charge; and fix performance management
• Attract and engage: The need to develop innovative ways to attract, source, recruit, and access talent; drive passion and engagement in the workforce; use diversity and […]

Busy vs. Productive – How to Focus on the Right Things

We live in a world of information overload. It’s not enough to stand in line at the coffee shop – now there are TVs so you can watch the news in addition to checking email on your smartphone. Life comes at us at an unprecedented pace, and there is new evidence that our brains are changing as a result of this constant multitasking. We’re all very busy, but is this a good thing?

Are we so busy that nothing is actually getting done?

At work and in our personal lives, many of us are packing our days so full it’s […]

Four Types of Feedback

Feedback is an important part of the performance management process. Without feedback, individuals and teams have no way of knowing whether they are making progress or not. With that said, there are a variety of types of feedback, and it’s important not to get stuck using only one.

The most familiar form of feedback is supervisory feedback. This is when a manager observes an individual, and based on the observation, offers that person either praise or a recommendation for change, depending on what they see. It has been shown in a variety of studies, however, that this type of […]

Essential Performance Management

Gone are the days of command and control leadership (thank goodness) and with them the idea that management consists primarily of two processes – carrot and stick. These days (at least at forward thinking organizations) talent management has emerged as a complex and individualized process. There are three distinct phases of current talent management:

1. Talent Acquisition – The recruiting process is the first phase of talent management. In it we seek to identify the right people, not only based on skills and experience, but based on fit and alignment with company culture and values.

2. Onboarding – Even having […]