While performance reviews should be a productive time to review the past and prepare for the future, for many employees and supervisors it’s just the opposite.  Performance management in many organizations follows a well-worn track, and it’s no secret that managers and their team members alike dread the process.

This is bad news for organizations and managers who believe that the goal of the performance management process is to produce engaged, productive, and motivated workers.  But just a few simple changes to the performance management process can improve the experience for everyone involved.  

  1. Performance Management Training – One of the biggest problems with performance management is that managers have not been trained on how to set goals and give feedback.  Implementing a performance management training program will help standardize the process and help supervisors be more effective. 
  2. Peer Reviews – Top down performance evaluations that only represent the impressions of one direct supervisor are a thing of the past.  Using a 360 degree review framework which includes feedback from peers, colleagues and others in the organization make a performance review more meaningful to the person receiving it.  
  3. Ditch the Annual Review – Rather than a single annual review, performance management should be a regular conversation.  If you don’t have a corporate requirement to review employees once a year, consider monthly or quarterly meetings to meet and make small adjustments.
  4. Give Effective Feedback – Communicating around performance can be tricky.  The right balance of positive feedback and areas for improvement is sometimes hard to strike.  Managers need training and support to develop skills in delivering effective feedback.  
  5. Set SMART Goals – Goals are a great way to motivate people, but not all goals are created equal.  The SMART framework can help managers and their team members set and track goals throughout the year. 

While performance evaluations have a bad reputation, they can be a great tool to engage and motivate your team.  Do you need training developed for your organization?  Contact us to find out more about our cost-effective, efficient eLearning solutions!